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Inland Empire Racewalkers meets most Saturdays @ 7-7:30, in Fairmount Park in Riverside. Take Market Street to Fairmount Blvd and turn right into the parking lot across from the tennis courts. Map...

How to Contact Us:

P.O. Box 261
Riverside, CA 92502


The Folks Who Guide IER

President: Jane Adams
Vice-President: Yvonne Weber
Secretary: Jenny Dean
Treasurer: Lynne Lonberg
Race Director: Dave Snyder
Club Apparel Sales and Newsletter Editor: Christine Timms
Photo-Historian: Janet Ellerman
PR & Website Coordinator: Susan Harris




Elected Officers

IER has four officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. All are elected positions. Elected officers serve for two calendar years beginning on January 1 of the year following their election.

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Jane Adams, President

Our own iron lady, Jane is made of sterner stuff than most. If she comes up behind you in a race just get out of her way because she is going to roll right over you if you don't. Seriously, Jane Adams has been racewalking for 15 years. She loves doing long distance races and has completed 35 marathons. Her other favorite race is any one that she does with her grandkids.
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Yvonne Weber, Vice-President

Our immediate past president, Yvonne it was immdiately obvious that she had lost all of marbles when she immediately agreed to being VP after being drafted for the newly created position five seconds after it had been created. She is like an energizer bunny with coffee flowing in its veins.

Placeholder ImageJenny Dean, Secretary

Our own bionic woman! In spite of enough metal inside her body to make begin wanded necessary each time she goes to the airport, Jenny is game for anything from a 5K to a marathon. She regularly participates in judged racewalks and, thanks to some hard work on her part, every year her racewalking form looks better. The in-club racewalk officials are looking forward to seeing how she does in the 2012 season since they have seen some dramatic improvement in recent months. Jenny, who is an incredible baker, takes our motto "an eating club with a walking disorder" very seriously.

Placeholder ImageLynne Lonberg, Treasurer

Our own silver vixen. After an extended absence from the club Lynne is back and going stronger than ever. After going on a hike with Lynne another member came to the conclusion that she has only one speed, fast!



Appointed Positions

IER has appointed positions that are selected by elected club officers and voted upon by club members at monthly business meetings. These appointments are for an indefinite period and usually end when the incumbent vacates the position or they are chased out of town by a torch wielding mob..

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Dave Snyder, Race Director
Not allowed to ever quit

Dave has been racewalking since 1983 and has been with Inland Empire Racewalkers almost from it's inception. Dave has been a USATF official since 1988. When you meet him I am sure you will think that he is the quintessential nice guy but don't expect any breaks on the racecourse. If you deserve a racewalk paddle Dave will give you one. He will be very nice about it, but he will give you one.
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Christine Timms, Club Apparel Sales and Newsletter Editor
Until we finally drive her nuts

Or have we already driven her nuts? If her choice of races is any indication she is already completely around the bend. Mud Runs, Ridiculous Obstacle Challenges, Relay Ultra Marathons. There isn't much that isn't too crazy for her. If you don't believe me just ask her about her most recent mud run.

Placeholder ImageJanet Ellerman, Photo-Historian
Until we pry her camera from her cold, dead hands

Janet was always a walker and joined IER in 2006 for the comraderie. In 2008 she was side-lined with an injury and while cheering on other IER members it occurred to her that someone should document IER's participation in races. Since then, she and other photographers in the club have taken thousands of photos, produced 3 Annual Year-in-Review Slideshows and a retrospective "Ancient History" Slideshow. The taking of pictures goes on constantly all year long and everyone is fair game!

Placeholder ImageSusan Harris, PR and Website Coordinator
Just as soon as she can find someone else to do this!

Susan joined the club more than 15 years ago in order to take her powerwalking to the next level. Shortly after joining IER she helped Race Director Dave Snyder reconfigure the course for the club's signature Mayfest race. With Dave's encouragement she has become a National level USATF official and has worked National Championships and International Meets not only as a racewalk official but also for long throws (javelin, hammer, discus). She loves traveling to track meets, but has missed seeing her friends at IER and so has committed to not being a stranger and helping promote IER and the sport of racewalking as IER's PR and Website Coordinator.

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