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In the spirit of our purpose of promoting walking and racewalking, we mostly link to sites with walking related fitness information from our website. However, we do make exceptions. If you think that your website might be a good fit with ours, send me a link and I will check it out.


Websites We Recommend

The following sites have fantastic material on making the most of a racewalking or powerwalking workout. I highly recommend that you check them out. --
World Class Racewalking -- Walking --
AceWalker --
Curt Sheller Racewalking --
Erofit -- --
North American Racewalking Foundation (NARF) --
Planet Ultramarathon --
Walking Canes-A Race Walking ResourceGuide (Thanks to Karlie for this great link!)
A Guide to Take You From Treadmill to 5K (Thanks to Rachel for this great link!)--

Books We Recommend

Books on Walking and Racewalking, I have tried to describe which type of athlete each might appeal to.

The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking by Dave McGovern

Walk Like an Athlete by Jeff Salvage