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Placeholder ImageSt Pat's 20K and 5K

Some photos that I took while acting as recorder for the race. This was a special circumstance since it is a big no-no to do take photos while acting as an official. I convinced Dave, that if I had the chance and it didn't effect myduties, to let me do this since it was a great opportunity to take photos of elite walkers and also get video for putting together a training video for new officials. I hope that you enjoy them. There were really some wonderful walkers at this race. Susan


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Palm Springs 1/2 Marathon and 5K

This race is this weekend I will provide a blurb and the gallery to you on Monday.


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50K Olympic Trials

A few shots of Dave and Susan with their fellow officials at the 50K trials. These were taken by Jim Hanley, a USATF official from our association.