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If you want to join the fun at Palm Springs next year go to their website @ http://www.kleinclarksports.com/ or join IER and take part in one our relay teams.

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by Cliff Veasey

Palm Springs Half Marathon Relay


Al Lynch kindly accepted my request for a ride from Riverside to Palm Springs so I didn't have to drive this year. Even so, it was still dark and early when he picked me up so not driving didn't mean I got to sleep in.

When we got to the park I saw Christine and Flo standing in line to pick their bibs. So, me being me, I snuck up behind Flo and bumped into her while asking her to "Move it along". Her reaction was exactly what I hoped for so it was a good start to the day.

Eventually everybody that was still coming, there were lots of last minute substitutions and re-organization of the teams, got there and the leg two and leg three people departed for the relay exchange area.

The leg one folks, including myself, headed for the start line. It was there I saw the most bizarre thing I have ever seen at a non-costume race. There was a gentleman in line in front of us wearing a light running jacket and what I at first thought were running tights. Something about his attire seemed sort of odd, so I looked again. That's when I realized his running tights were more like chaps and his butt was sort of hanging out. Let me assure you he was wearing shorts under the chaps, so nothing was exposed, but it was pretty clear that they were two separate garments. I pointed him out to Flo and said that I couldn't look away. She also said this was the first time she had ever seen such a thing and that she too couldn't look away. After the race we tried looking them up to see if they had some special purpose, but we were unsuccessful.

Back to the race: Dorothy Joy and I walked together for the first leg. It's always nice to have someone to talk to and we kept to a pleasant pace. When we got to the exchange point and tagged off to our leg two team members the temperature had gone up a little so it was very comfortable waiting for them to return. We were also visited by celebrities, Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe were there too. Several people got pictures with them so I know I wasn't hallucinating.

Eventually all the leg two people were back and the leg three people off. At that point the rest of us headed back to the park to wait at the finish line. I'm sure somebody has all of the team results, sorry, but I don't. Just know that everybody make it back safe and sound.

After the awards and some snacks we headed to Rick's for breakfast. I don't think they know what hit them but about twenty of us in our bright green showed up and took over the back room. At one point another table joined us in clapping and cheering so I don't think we wore out our welcome too much.