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If you want to join the fun at Palm Springs next year go to their website @ http://www.kleinclarksports.com/ or join IER and take part in one our relay teams.

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by Yvonne Weber


It was a beautiful but cool day in Palm Springs on Sunday, February 10th. IER had lots of participants this year. We had 6 relay teams, one member in the 5K and one in the full half marathon. Everyone did great and everyone received a beautiful heavy finisher medal by the sponser New Balance.

We are a highly recognized team whenever we participate in any of Klein and Clark events. They always treat us great by giving a discount in the price and always acknowlege the group.

We had two brand new members do their very first race. They were Laura and Vin and they did great and both were so excited that the teams they were on won plus also receiving a beautiful finishing medal.

We also had a team of three generations which whenever possible and they can get together, they will always race as the three generations. They are Dorothy, Jenny and Mandy!!

We were all so happy to see Carla and her daughter participate in the 5K. Carla placed 3rd with a time of 56:31. Good going! We are so proud of you.

IER Results of the great day:

Carla Davis 5K 56:31 3rd place for her age group
Flo Dabney half 3:50:28

Relay Teams:

Girls gone wild 2:56:50 First (Christine, Hilda, Yvonne)
Hells Belles 2:58:39 Second (Laura, Gary, Yvonne)
Lawless 1 2:49:15 Second (Jay, Lynn,)
Three Amigos 3:18:46 Third (Al, Vin, Flo)
Zippy and the Flashes 3:18:46 Third (Patti, Ralph, Cliff)
Three Generations 3: 40:40 Fourth (Dorothy, Jenny, Mandy)

Christine made reservations at Rick's Resturant for IER. Food was terrific, service was great and we decided anytime we race in Palm Springs we would stop at Ricks for breakfast/lunch.