The 50K Olympic Trials - Through the Eyes of an Official by Susan Harris

As Dave and I rolled down the I-15 in the rain on our way to San Diego for a weekend filled with racewalk officiating we reminisced about the many times that we have braved the elements for our sport.

There was the LA Marathon of 2000 which Dave describes as one giant wet t-shirt contest; the 50K Olympic Trials of the same year where he was amazed to watch two of the athletes still manage to make the “A” Standard in spite of being battered by gale force headwinds; the Pan Am Games where Lynda and I had to layout all the paperwork on the dash of the Snyder’s LHS to dry it out; last year’s LA Marathon with Dave and I on the mean, wet streets of LA in my little red car with water getting everywhere including into my phone.

All true, hard-core officials must pass through a trial by water.

So we were prepared for a seriously rainy day on Sunday. Since that was the initial forecast, we had a pop-up, special clipboard for keeping the recorder sheets dry, waterproof paper for the lapcounting sheets, rain jackets and pants… perhaps because we were so prepared the weather was ideal. The air was crisp but not too cold for the athletes and the sun was out!

It was an exciting race. I wish you all had been there. The lead pack stayed together for more than half the race and then it became a battle of will and strategy between Tim Seaman and John Nunn. John Nunn won it in the end with a time of 4:04’38.

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