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Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge Race - 11/15/2011

by Cliff Veasey

Christine and I signed up for this race when we first heard about it. It's been held elsewhere, but this was the first time at the Pomona Fairplex.
All we knew is that it was somewhat based on television games shows like American Gladiator and Wipeout. That sounded like a good time to me.
Well the day finally came and we got there way early. Both of us thought we had signed up for the 8:00 wave, but the first start was at 9:00. That meant I got to chat with the Hooters girls while they set their booth so it wasn't all bad.

The day started out very cold. Turned out it stayed that way too. I wasn't too concerned until I saw the course map and realized that I was going to be sprayed with a lot of water. Christine decided that she probably shouldn't participate due to her very bruised foot so she became a spectator.

They started us out in mini-waves of about 50 or so people. I ended up in the third group released. I was immediately hit with a stream of cold water from a fixture on the side of the course. We ran a little past that, turned a corner and ran into the Luche Libre Assault. They had large padded sticks that they repeatedly soaked in cold water before swinging them at us. Around another corner were the K-Rails. They had arranged them on rows that we had to hop over. They seemed to go on and on. Past those was the Blizzard Tube Climb, but first we had to climb over a small wall and wade through an ankle deep puddle. I don't think the puddle was part of the course but was due to the rain the day before. The tubes (both rows of them) were half full of mud and shaved ice. Now I was really cold.

We turned again and went through a barn full of zombies. I tried to get one to come with me but he wouldn't break character.

The next obstacle was the Jump Walls, they were pretty easy to navigate because they had put dirt about halfway up on each side. Then there was a long part were we jogged back to the track where they had setup up the Monkey Bars. I was very proud of myself that I didn't fall off. A lot of people were dropping into the water underneath the bars. Some were assisted by the two monkeys on the top that were slapping at our hands.
The next challenge was called the Eye of The Tiger. It was up the stairs of the grandstand and then back down. They had put a large poster of Rocky Balboa at the top. Several people had given it a muddy high five.

Down and around we went where we encountered the Fireman Hosedown. All that meant was I was now completely soaked with, you guessed it, more cold water. We immediately went up Mt. Rocmore (a switch back trail up a hill). At the top they had the Boulder Dodge (balls covered in watercolor paint that they swung at us). Past that were logs to climb over, and more hoses. We turned another corner and ran smack into Tire Mountain. They had arranged tires in a small mound and then covered the whole thing in more shaved ice. Thankfully I didn't slip and fall.

Finally we started back down the hill. There I ran into a long line waiting for the ROC Slide (really just a slip and slide). That was a lot of fun and worth the wait. The next obstacle was more tires. No ice this time, just lots and lots of tires.

After that was the Polar Plunge, a medium sized concrete lined lake. The first step was ankle deep, the second was knee deep and the third was waist deep. Fortunately they had strung ropes across to keep you from falling in. Did I mention the water was cold? If not, let me assure you it was very cold.

A long jog ended at the Giant Slides. They had ropes to help you climb up and at the top you jumped and slide back down. Fun, fun, fun. I wanted to go back and do that one again.

We turned a corner to get back on the race track. They had setup a couple of small dirt hills to run over followed back a very big and very steep hill that you had to use ropes to get up and over.

The next obstacle was the Rope Bridge. They had strung two ropes across a small pond (more of a puddle really). You stand on one rope and grab the other which just happens to be over your head and shuffle across. That sounded a lot worse than it was. It was actually pretty easy. I didn't fall off so my wet shoes didn't get any wetter.

The final obstacle was a Rope Swing. The idea is to use the rope to swing over the puddle so that you keep your feet dry. I don't know if it was because it was the last obstacle or if I just didn't lift my feet high enough but I sort of landed smack dab in the middle of the puddle. So much for dry feet.

This race was a lot of fun and I eagerly look forward to doing it again. I can't complain about any of the organizational aspects of the race, as the people running the event obviously know what they are doing.


Added by Christine – I was so disappointed to miss this race but my foot is still healing and I was afraid to make it worse. I am also sorry that my camera went dead at the start but there was not much opportunity for picture taking. There were a lot of people wearing fake mustaches in honor of November and raising funds for prostate cancer. Can’t wait for next year and may even hit the San Diego event!